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I am a Makeup Artist & Hairstylist. I have worked in different countries over the past five years and that’s what gives me an edge. I started off here in California, got married, and then continued my work in Dubai for a couple of years, then Pakistan and now I have settled back in California. Through my transitions into different places in the world, I took a lot of inspiration from different cultures, which made my style very versatile.

To succeed in the makeup industry, the most important thing is to evolve because trends change on a daily basis so it’s important to continue to keep up with what’s in at the moment. My specialty is definitely Bridal Makeovers. Bridal makeup & hair is an essential part of a wedding and designing the perfect look for the brides is my number one priority. I want them to feel like the most beautiful women in the world on their big day.



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Non-Bridal Makeup Classes

Whether you want to change your career or simply want to improve your make-up skills, here’s your chance to learn amazing make-up skills for brides and simple make-overs if becoming a make-up artist has always been a dream of yours.

Our exciting and intensive make-up class combines beauty with creative makeup applications. You will be fully equipped with the ins and outs of make-up. Creating the classic smokey eye look and creating the perfect bridal look are just a few of the wonderful techniques we will teach you.

Who can choose this course?

The course is open to everyone who is interested in learning new make-up skills or wants to become a professional make-up artist. The only thing you need is a basic understanding of make-up and the ability to use a few simple make-up techniques.

What are you going to Learn?

Simple eye shadow techniques (You are going to learn easy two step natural eye shadow look) I will show you different shades that will go with your skin tone and how simplified daily look can be created.

Overview on applying strip lashes (You will learn to apply lashes)

How foundation, concealer or corrector can be applied. I will also teach you how to correct color and mute darkness and redness along with picking right concealer for your skin tone and its application.

  • Different highlight, contour and blush techniques for every face shape.
  • Blush and lid application.
  • Proper tools required for learning make-up and how to take care of them all.
  • You are going to leave this class learning how to do your full face from start to finish.
  • The Fundamentals of Beauty Makeup 
Designed for Hira’s Master Makeup class Students and all beginning freelance makeup artists

    What comes with the class Each student will given a

    goodie bag including

    A Pro Bursh Set

    Blending Make-up sponge


    Contour Palette

    Make up Wipes

    Eyeliner Pencil


    Eyeshadow Palette

    At the end of the training, each student will get a complimentary  Goodie Bag

    At the end of the training, each student will get a complimentary  Goodie Bag

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